Workshop Wednesday – Installing Visual Studio 2017


Get Visual Studio by going to


Then select Visual Studio 2017 Community and begin the download


Once downloaded then run the installer:


Once the Installer has prepared itself then another larger screen will appear with options to install, it’s possible to select the Workloads you want such as ASP.NET and web development or Universal Windows Platform development.


Once you’ve selected the components you wish to install then select Install, this will download and install everything that has been chosen to be installed, this will take longer the more components are selected and it’s possible to install a few components to begin with then install more later by Modifying the installation from Add / Remove Programmes


Once installation is complete there will be one last step which is to Restart your computer, you can do this via the message that pops up or choose Not now and restart when you wish.


Once restarted then find Visual Studio 2017 from the Start Menu, it will be recently added to type in “Visual Studio 2017” into Cortana then you should see the following screen:


You can Sign in with your Microsoft Account and Continue or Sign Up for one then enter the details for that account in the following screen:


Once signed in or if you’ve chosen to not sign in then the following screen will then appear and just need to wait a little while longer…


Visual Studio 2017 will then start and if you’ve chose to sign in then your account details will appear as well, once done then next time you start the application you won’t need to do any more steps unless you want to go back and install more components!



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