Future of Windows 10 Mobile


Windows 10 Mobile got an unexpected boost this week from a job listing on the Microsoft Careers website for a position of Program Manager II. The mobile team at Microsoft is looking for a technical program manager to drive the design and deliver of their core client platform features on Windows Mobile. The job listing contained the following paragraph which is as close to a statement of commitment in recent times from Microsoft to the future of Windows 10 Mobile.

In the mobile-first, cloud-first world Windows Mobile remains an important and strategic piece for Microsoft. We are uniquely positioned to support our Enterprise customers, OEM and Mobile partners who continue to invest in our platform and the consumers who are adapting connectivity scenarios like Continuum. An agile and nimble organization is being created in the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) to support this charter and deliver on the security, manageability features for Enterprises and consumers and be part of the cutting-edge long term investments in Mobile. Source (Microsoft Careers)

Windows 10 Mobile still seems to be something Microsoft is keen to pursue, although the statement contained in the job listing indicates a support of enterprise, OEM and mobile partners and consumers who are using Continuum implies a more business than consumer focus for now and for this part of the company to be more agile and nimble which implies it will be better placed to react to changes within the industry and maybe explore more niches rather than go for a larger market share, which in recent times has been shrinking, it’s good to know that mobile isn’t being abandoned and new team members are being taken on, hopefully Microsoft themselves will have more to show than just software in future on Windows 10 Mobile!

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