Maker Faire UK 2017


Maker Faire UK was held on the weekend of 1st April – 2nd April 2017 at the Centre for Life in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom – it’s one of the largest meet-ups of makers from all over the country as well as many from other countries too. Greeted with a brass band opening to those who arrived when it opened, with many things to see and participate in for all ages you needed a few hours to take it all in but any visitor will have got something out of the day for them, or those with them. Maker Space, the host city’s hack space was well represented with many members showing off their most interesting projects or creations they’ve made specially. Nearby a few other local exhibitors were there showing off a variety of drones or quad-copters as in fact many of them actually are.

Maker Faire UK also had surrounding the local makers a variety of exhibitors from Cooler Master with a VR experience and many “cool” cases to show off, Mad Lab with a few projects to make from simple to complex with Fridge Face the project I took on that took about an hour to put together and was happy to say that it worked once it was completed, plus many more stands around there with roaming Daleks and other robots to see in-between, you certainly wouldn’t leave empty handed with either leaflets about things or stuff you’ve made or bought from small to large to take away with you.

Maker Faire UK brings a lot of different exhibitors to Newcastle Upon Tyne, upstairs in the Centre for Life were many from being able to make your own mini comics, dozens of Pi-Tops to try out Raspberry Pi one, conductive capacitive paint to draw interface elements using stencils or a brush, geodesic dome kits and Coder Dojo UK showing how they can help get kids into coding, where I’m also one of the volunteers at one at Campus North in Newcastle upon Tyne. Surrounding the main halls were experiences from Lego Bridge Building to making a “one ring”, creating silk screen prints and vacuum forming fridge magnet messages plus there was a marquee with many other maker from throughout the UK showing off projects such as a Cognitive AI Mirror to tell if you’re happy or sad, robot hands, a fantastic selection of different types of 3D printers, micro:bit and related inventors kits to create more projects and electronic components available for sale plus fun mini games, sound and music experiences to name but a few of the things in there.

Maker Faire UK had many speakers holding talks throughout the day, I attended Alistair MacDonald’s one on what it means to be a maker, he’s a main member of the Newcastle upon Tyne Hack space, Maker Space, and was a fun way for others to find out more about there and what it means to be a maker, a great a fun presentation for all who attended. Overall it was a great showcase of many makers talents and a fanastic way to show people of all ages what can be done with every day objects or with simple devices to create many projects, you could get so much out of one day or even two there but there’s always the next one to look forward to once it’s over. I’d highly recommend next time it’s on, to pay a visit to Maker Faire UK!

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