Tubular Tuesday – Incantations


The Orchestral Tubular Bells

Title Incantations
Label Virgin
Released 1978
Recorded at Througham


  1. Part One (19:08)
  2. Part Two (19:36)
  3. Part Three (16:58)
  4. Part Four (17:01)

Sleeve Notes

Extract from Hiawatha by Longfellow, Hymn to Diana by Ben Jonson
Produced by Mike Oldfield

All Instruments played by Mike Oldfield except:
Trumpet: Mike Laird
Drums and Vibraphones on side 4: Pierre Moerlin
Vocals: Maddy Prior, Sally Oldfield and the Queens College Girls Choir
Strings and Choir conduced by David Bedford
Flutes: Sebastian Bell and Terry Oldfield
African Drums: Jabuila

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