Windows 10 on Mobile


Windows 10 on Mobile means to some people Windows 10 Mobile – this is the version of Windows 10 currently targeting mobile devices such as the Lumia 950 or HP Elite X3, however there seems to be another strategy at play when it comes to this particular version, that it’s been abandoned and it does seem that’s indeed the case – but there’s another way to look at this. There is the idea of hybrid devices such as the Surface Book which is a laptop that is also a tablet with it’s detachable screen and switches between a desktop mode for the Windows 10 interface and a tablet mode which is more touch optimised. Those two phones mentioned previously – the Lumia 950 and HP Elite X3 support the Continuum feature where you can connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard and get a “desktop-like” experience similar to the desktop and tablet modes of the Surface Book.

Windows 10 on Mobile, I think, will become something different in 2017 – where a new type of device which flips the idea of phone and tablet and merges them together and switch experiences with physical motion, like the idea of the Surface Book detaching it’s screen, but instead of removing the screen you fold it. The idea is for a three-fold screen device when fully un-folded it’s a tablet experience much like the Surface Book’s un-docked screen with a reasonable screen size something like three times the size of the Lumia 950 screen – so about a current small tablet size. However when the screen is fully folded it’s a phone with an experience more like the current Windows 10 Mobile devices, but this won’t be a phone it will be just another experience of using the tablet – a tablet that becomes a phone rather than the other way around, this might be the future, it also might not be but it’s an interesting way of replacing the current idea of what makes a phone and give a new life to Windows 10 on Mobile!

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