Universal Windows Platform – Tutorial Insider – Tile Styles


comentsys.wordpress.com today features a Universal Windows Platform tutorial showing how to use Tile Styles, these are the different types of Tile notifications that are possible for an application’s pinned tile.


There’s a GetTemplates method to get the TileTemplateType and then return those that contain the value “Text” so that only supported templates are returned. UpdateTile takes a string “style” and “value” – the former is used to get the correct TileTemplateType based on the style passed in, the latter is used to create a node for the template to represent the value used on the Tile, a TileNotification is created from this and passed to the Update method of the TileUpdateManager with CreateTileUpdaterForApplication. The Dialog method has a ComboBox set to the templates using GetTemplates and has a TextBox to enter the value to show – the selected template and value is returned as a Tuple which here is a pair of string values for each of those selections.

The PinAsync method determines if the application is pinned to start with the GetAppListEntriesAsync from the Package.Current with ContainsAppListEntryAsync from the StartScreenManager.GetDefault method and if not uses the RequestAddAppListEntryAsync to pin the application to start. The Tile method uses the Dialog method to get the Tuple that contains the selected template and value to use and this is passed to the UpdateTile method from the “result” of the Dialog.

Behind the Scenes

Tile Styles shows how you can use the built-in templates for updating tiles in different ways, there are more options in some of the templates to product more complex layouts and this example is just the start of showing how flexable tile notifications can be and how easy it is to update them, makes a great feature of an application that needs to show something on it’s tile in a variety of different ways.

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