RoguePlanetoid Monthly Review – June 2017

Standard in June was all about Tutorials – well the Tutorial Insider content that was a companion to the Tutorials posted every single day in June (and a couple in July), this was a great way of going more indepth and also give some behind the scenes information that would otherwise go unknown, although it’s nice to through in a bonus here like that had to use Graph Paper and Pencil to work out the shapes for the Directs (Directional) Pad tutorial. This was the first time this kind of companion content was done, also it really helped with this blog as to post every single day this year it had to be related to the Tutorials that were being done or would have failed to post anything useful at all during that time! still may only get one or two visitors per day, it’s still a worthwhile endeavour – plus it’s nice to add some unique content that wouldn’t be seen anywhere else, at least for now. July will have some content that was carried over for June – with the launch of Xbox One X and E3 2017 theres some content that belongs here and will be posted for the first couple of weeks of the month. There will be some of the usual featured content but also there will be some Workshop Wednesday’s coming for Xamarin at the end of the month right here on

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