RoguePlanetoid Monthly Review – July 2017

Standard in July had a mix of content with the first couple of weeks of the month featuring Xbox One games shown at E3 2017 which occurred the previous month with the Xbox @ E32017 feature, including screenshots and information about a selection of games from Crackdown 3 to Cuphead – which proved quite popular. This was follow by SciFi week which included opinions about some old and current SciFi television series including Babylon 5 and Doctor Who – the latter improved by the fact the new person to play the title character was announced just the day before, the idea that it would be announced at all game after the idea to do it! The final week of the month featured Microsoft Week with posts about the end of Windows Phone plus the future of the platform with information about the new Fluent Design Language and post about Microsoft Developers. Groove Music Picks was also introduced which features a new album from Groove Music though the weekends and Mondays – this is content is created using a Universal Windows Platform Application written to generate the content using the Groove Music SDK and API to then be posted on the blog! will be featuring most week days throughout August a C# Workshop which anyone can follow with content for beginners or skip ahead to some more advanced topics, each post will feature a different topic or feature of C# and doesn’t require anything to be installed as it takes advantage of the website to write code rather than needing to install Visual Studio – it’s of course possible to still use that if needed but is a great way to get started for free, there will be the usual Groove Music Picks throughout the month too which can always give a listen whilst doing the workshop. So if you’ve always wanted to get into C#, want to brush up on your skills or learn some parts of it you’ve never used before then throughout next month check out!

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