Picks – Microsoft in 2017


This was one of the first posts this year on the blog and was a prediction of what was to come from Microsoft – little did I know Windows 10 Mobile would end, but at least Xbox One X (Project Scorpio) is coming but it’s VR/AR support is not just yet!

2017 is going to be an interesting time for PC, Mobile and Console from Microsoft plus the usual events such as CES for consumer electronics and devices, MWC for mobile, E3 for gamers and the usual special press events to be expected from Microsoft.

PC users will be getting another Windows 10 update with the Creators Update, this will add a host of new features including Paint 3D, support for Windows Holographic to enable more Augmented and Virtual Reality, plus we should see refreshed Surface Pro and Surface Book plus increased Surface Studio availability.

Mobile will see some new hardware for Windows 10 Mobile as well as updated features for it and updates to continuum, also with x86 support on new Qualcomm chips should make some new hardware extra special.

Console users will see more games including more that are also available on Windows 10, the most powerful games console yet released is due with Project Scorpio the successor to Xbox One later in the year plus support for Virtual Reality.

Wherever you use Windows in 2017 you will see a major change, new development tools with Visual Studio 2017 to enable more rapid and feature filled applications will make an impact, I’ll keep this blog updated with all the major announcements in the world of Microsoft, plus any rumours and speculation that’s worth sharing too!

Originally Published : 2nd January 2017

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