Picks – Visual Studio 2017


Visual Studio 2017 was launched this week on the 7th March 2017 and is the latest in a twenty year line of Visual Studio products from Microsoft with the very first release back in 1997. Visual Studio 2017 is the most productive version yet with streamlined cloud development, built in tools for integration with .NET Core, Windows Azure, microservices, Docker containers, Universal Windows Platform, ASP.NET development and more and with Xamarin it makes it faster to create mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Visual Studio 2017 is faster and leaner with a modular and lightweight installation experience and improved performance within the product itself and has new features to allow developers to adopt modern DevOps practices. For more details about Visual Studio 2017 including offerings, details and more then visit


Visual Studio 2017 features a refreshed navigation experience with Go To Implementation to navigate from any base type or member to its implementations, Go To All to navigate to any declaration and use icons along the top of the feature to filter results or user query syntax. Find All References has been updated with syntax colourisation and can lock results to allow you to continue to find other references but still keep original results, there are also Indent Guides to help provide context and were originally available as part of the Productivity Power Tools. Writing code is easier with IntellSense improvements where you can filter the completion list by category, or for Refactoring such as sync file and type name, adding missing select/switch case, make method synchronous and mane more. Code Suggestions help hint at best practices and can see these as grey dots in the editor and apply suggestions with “Ctrl+”. You can drive consistency and readability by configuring and enforcing coding conventions and have these show up as suggestions, warnings or errors when coding or with Live Unit Testing you can see the impact of code changes on Unit Tests instantly and show which lines are hit by passing tests or see which ones are covered by failing tests or not by any tests at all. Debugging is easier with a new Exception Helper which puts the most important information about an exception at the top level, there’s Run to Click which executes a program until it reaches the target line of code like a temporary breakpoint, XAML Edit and Continue allows you to change XAML while an app is running to allow you to tweak the UI and he final versions of C# 7.0 and VB 15 are available to use within the product. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out then there’s you should definitely get and install Visual Studio 2017!

Originally Published 10th March 2017

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