Picks – Groove Music, Gone


Back in October it was announced that Groove Music will be ending, I’ll be switching to Spotify soon but as a consumer and a developer it was hard news to hear but as the end date of next month grows closer, here’s the article about it closing again. this month was due to feature Groove Music for Developers content including a multi-part workshop plus details on how to sign up and use the Groove Music API and would form part of a short talk at DDD North in Bradford, UK that I would have given to give an overview of this, all that will no longer happen due to the shock announcement yesterday that the Groove Music service will end along with Groove Music Pass, Purchased Music and the Groove Music API. I’ve been a Groove Music partner for some time and before that signed up for the developer pilot programme when it was Xbox Music and have done presentations about the service in the past and shared many Groove Music Mondays and Groove Music Picks on but now that all ends today, all the effort I’ve put into the platform and was going to was in vain, although it pails in comparison to all the hard work the Groove Music team has put into the product including producing a showcase UWP application and a best in class API service and hopefully they will all find other valulable positions within Microsoft and wish them all the best, but many like myself will miss Groove Music, it may be soon gone but it won’t be forgotten.

Groove Music was first named as part of the original Windows 10 release, although before that it was Xbox Music which aligned it to Microsoft’s Xbox brand and made it front-and-centre in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 as well as on the Xbox console itself, but before then it carried a dedicated brand – Zune. Zune was Microsoft’s music service and also a range of devices, if you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 that might be the only time you’ve seen one, but there were some around – I owned the Zune 80GB and Zune HD 32GB myself. Zune Music also had it’s own service and API, although it wasn’t public, I made an application called ZuneCardr that used the Zune Cards system which was part of the Zune Social combined with this private API to bring the experience of being able to listen to your friend’s music on-the-go originally for Windows Phone 7 – this became the only Zune Social application and experience on the platform and gained over 330,000 downloads and was one of the first thousand apps available for Windows Phone when it first came out.

From Zune, to Xbox, to Groove – the music service from Microsoft has always had a niche but gave many useful features to consumers such as Radio, Curated Playlists and Music Videos, plus to developers delivered a world-class API experience allowing access to all Groove Music content and features even allowing streaming of music for Groove Music Pass subscribers. It’s sad to see such a great service close and know that the many years of hard work and dedication I’ve put in through the years will now be at an end, but that also applies to those within Microsoft who were behind the platform, I thank them for all their hard work too over the years and I’ll always think fondly of the contributions I made using the platform and will listen to my playlists one more time before the end.

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