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Database Picks – Xbox One X


Xbox One X Console Controller Gray Shadow

Xbox One X is the world’s most powerful games console, designed for truly immersive 4K gaming with ultimate compatibility as the newest member of the Xbox One family of devices and available to all Xbox One markets starting on November 7th 2017 at £449. Every Xbox One X will come with a 1TB hard drive, a matching Xbox Wireless Controller, HDMI cable, power supply, a 1-month free Xbox Game Pass subscription and a 14-day free Xbox Live Gold membership. Xbox One X is inspired by the sleek design elements of the Xbox One S and is the smallest Xbox console ever and also includes a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, built-in power supply, three USB 3.0 ports and an IR blaster and can be placed horizontally or vertically with the optional stand.

Xbox One X Console Explode Dark Gray

Xbox One X delivers 40% more power than any other console currently on the market and games play better on it and is engineered around today’s cutting edge games engines and blockbuster titles. With the 6-teraflop Scorpio Engine developers can create their biggest game worlds in vibrant 4K and in a enhanced format for even 1080p screens with build in super-sampling means even more visible detail, smoother edges and more efficient load times. Xbox One X is build for true 4K gaming – combining 2160p frame buffers, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut into a pristine visual package and there’s an immersive audio experience with spatial sound. You can record game clips in 4K at 60 frames per second and event take 4K screenshots. At launch there will be Xbox One X Enhanced versions of existing Xbox One games including Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy 15, Rocket League, Halo Wars 2 and more – with each upgraded to take advantage of additional performance of the Xbox One X.

Xbox One X Console Controller Front Tilt Top

Xbox One X is fully compatible across the Xbox One family of devices with all existing Xbox One games including Xbox Play Anywhere titles, Backward Compatible Xbox 360 games and accessories being compatible with Xbox One X and all those games will load faster and play better. Original Xbox Backward Compatible games will be coming later this year offering a selection of titles that can be played on Xbox One S and Xbox One X. You can enjoy the same benefits of Xbox Live including dedicated servers for maximum performance plus cross-platform integration with games on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices plus two to four free games each month with Xbox Live Gold. It’s an exciting time for Xbox gamers and for those wanting to have the most powerful games console ever released so far then that experience starts this November with Xbox One X!

Xbox One X Lead Consoles Hrz Family

Originally Published 12th June 2017 Picks – Microsoft Event Shanghai


Surface Pro

The latest version of the Surface Pro line was announced at the Microsoft Event in Shanghai which delivers up to 13.5 hours of battery life which is 50% more battery life than the Surface Pro 4 and 35% more than an iPad Pro plus it is more than 2.5 times faster than Surface Pro 3. It’s a mobile creative studio with a vibrant 31.2cm PixelSense touch display that also supports the Surface Dial and the new Surface Pen, which is the fastest pen ever and twice as accurate as the previous version.


Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft showed off a new collaborative whiteboard experience, a future inking innovation coming first to the Microsoft Whiteboard app on Windows 10. Microsoft Whiteboard features collaborative inking, geometry recognition, table conversion and automatic table shading, it is currently available in private preview on Surface Hub, and Microsoft will be bringing it to more Windows 10 devices later this year including the Surface Studio and Surface Pro and with exclusive capabilities for Office 365 subscribers.


Originally Published 11th November 2017 Picks – Microsoft Build 2017


Microsoft Build 2017 was held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington from May 10th 2017 to May 12th 2017. With lots of announced updates for Windows 10, Office, Azure and Mixed Reality so here’s a quick summary of just a few of the things that were announced there.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft announced the official name for the next update to Windows 10 – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and will be a free upgrade to all eligable Windows 10 users. There are lots of new features coming including a new UI refresh known as the Microsoft Fluent Design System – orignally codenamed Project NEON and brings many changes to the familiar Windows 10 interface, there’s option to be able to sync clipboard content across all your connectex devices with Pick up where you left of features supporting Android, iPhone and Windows 10 Mobile plus there’s a new feature called Timeline which shows all of the tasks you’ve done on your device. Plus there’s also creatuce features being added such as Story Remix that allows you to create memories using photos and videos. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be coming free to existing Windows 10 users later this year.

Microsoft Fluent Design System

There’s a new design language from Microsoft coming to Windows 10 known as the Fluent Design System which features five fundamental elements: Light, Depth, Motion, Material and Scale and uses these elements to deliver fresh and dynamic experiences, the design language will be evolved over time with the first wave being released in the next update to Windows 10 then will envolve with consumer and developer feedback to help improve and enhance user experience even further. Many applications for Windows Insiders are already featuring many of the enhancements the Fluent Design System delivers and it’s very straightforward for developers to get their own apps to fit in with the new experiences possible.

Cortana Skills

Microsoft announced a new set of Cortana Skills with a Cortana Skills Kit for developers being made available, there are over fifty skills available for Cortana from many of Microsoft’s partners already including Domino’s Pizza and iHeartRadio and you can install these skills onto your Windows 10 device as well as Android and iOS devices. Cortana Skills allows you to add deeper intergration with the Cortana digital assistant and allow users to access your app’s features in a smart and initutive way.

Originally Published: 11th May 2017