Monthly Review – November 2017

Standard in November 2017 featured Picks, a selection of the best and most popular posts from throughout the year, there has been almost a full year of posts on the blog already this year from a New Year’s resolution to keep posting every day this year and although it’s just been a repeat of existing content it has been good to look back on the events and topics that have been written about the past months on! in December takes a different path with some content that would have appeared on the blog had it existed at the time so will be ending the year with some new content to the blog but some unpublished content from the past and hopefully this will be of interest, have to admit that maintaining a blog for a whole year has been a challenge and the utmost respect goes out to those who do this for more than just a year, although that’s all that could be managed here there will be some more things coming in 2018 and the last post of the year will outline those plans, until then keep checking out!

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