Learn what’s next – May 2017 event – Preview


Learn what’s next – May 2017 event is being held next month and not much is known about it, except that it’s a chance for Microsoft to show what’s next – with only the hash tag “#MicrosoftEDU” to go by there’s not much to be certain about, but plenty to speculate about. Surface Cloud is probably one such thing to speculate about – a device designed for the version of Windows 10, known as Windows Cloud which is similar to the original Windows RT operating system that was released for a few devices including the original Surface tablet. Windows Cloud only runs UWP applications but unlike with Windows RT there’s already a well-established ecosystem of apps on that platform that target Windows 10 Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and even Xbox One. Surface Cloud makes sense a device that runs Windows 10 on ARM such as on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which has been demonstrated running full applications converted to UWP so those applications will also join existing UWP-native apps and games, it might even be a smaller device than the Surface Pro but a new form factor may be used to save costs but be an ideal device for use by students and educators around the world and be cost-effective. For more details about the event then check out event.microsoft.com/MayEvent

Learn what’s next – May 2017 event next month also brings with it more apps to the store to make it easier to get Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint being made available on the Windows Store – there’s already been placeholders discovered for these by many so that’s the most certain piece of speculation. There’s also possibly an easier process for students and educators to benefit from low cost Office 365 subscriptions either as a process in Windows Cloud, the Windows Store or an improved part of the Office 365 website. At the very least there should be some announcement regarding Windows Cloud even if it’s not first party hardware and improved software offerings and options for education that would also apply to any individuals and people who are in training, apprenticeships or other form of learning. Whatever is announced we’ll all find out exactly what that at Learn what’s next – May 2017 event!

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